Sunday, March 11, 2012

Doors & drawers!

We've been awfully busy lately, so it's great when the kitchen fairy comes over sometimes and gets a little work done when we don't have the time (not to mention skills).  Last week she sent Greg to install some beautiful countertops, and this week she sent my dad to deliver some cabinet doors.

That butcher block island top she dispatched a few weeks ago makes a sturdy work bench for a drill press, as it turns out.

The drill press was required to install these hinges that look like they came off a space ship or something.

They allow the doors to fully open so the pull-out shelves can, well, pull out.

Check these bad boys out. Drawer fronts!  Cabinet doors!

Look, there are more under the sink!

And on the back of the island!

We went with a simple flat-panel door here because they are 1.) easier to make 2.) won't be a focal point and 3.) will be hidden by stools. We have "permission" from the carpenter himself to add some sort of artistic detail here if we wish.  We'll see.

We've got four drawers to the left of the sink.  Big, wide, deep drawers with fancy glides that don't allow the drawers to grind themselves into sawdust and deposit it into the cabinet below (that may or may not have happened in our old cabinets).

Up top we got some glass fronts to show off our fabulous Fiestaware.

All those drawer fronts are made out of former baseboards from this very house, so they'll match all our woodwork once they get polished up.  We ran out of my great-grandmother's beadboard, so my dad fabricated the rest out of $72 worth of 2x4s he bought at Lowe's.  Not a bad deal.

Here's the full effect so far:

Oh.  My.  God. We'll have to wait 'till the kitchen fairy's next visit for the upper doors. But it looks almost like a real kitchen!


  1. I would love to have a woodworker fairy! I'm so jealous. Looks great!

    1. Now I'm wondering if we should put glass in the upper doors too, or leave them out, or maybe just in the two outside ones? Otherwise the pretty FiestaWare doesn't show any more. :(